APEX @ Bowin

APEX provides next generation lifestyle to next
generation workers that values a healthy lifestyle
and prioritize; hygiene, safety, good rest and access
to recreational facilities. However most importantly
a stone throw away from their work place.

Well rested and motivated workers mean increased loyalty and productivity for your business.

APEX @ Mapyangphorn

is only a 1-minute drive from Amata City, and a
3 - minute drive from ESIE and the Siam Eastern
Industrial Estate. Your workers will have easy
access to fresh markets, health clinics and
Bowin centre; all with new major roads being
extended to two Amata City entrances that shorten
your workers’ commute like never before.

APEX @ Tasit

is located between ESIE and HESIE near Maxxis,
LG, Mazda and Suzuki. Your workers can enjoy
the perks of living in the heart of rapidly
expanding Hemaraj estates, HESIE and ESIE;
all with convenient access to fresh markets and
food venues. It is also a few minutes journey from
Pluak Daeng centre which offers shopping malls
and health clinics.